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I assist 
Corporations with developing mental & emotional wellness strategies without impacting their bottom line. 




Heather is the author of the workbook "Write The Vision, Make It Plain" where she uses seven wellness areas to teach people the four steps to go from vision to reality. 

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Heather M. Cain earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy in 2010. After graduation, Heather moved to the DC area where she continued her journey in the field of mental health working with children & adults in home, clinic, institutional and school environments. Currently, Heather owns and manages a leading group mental health private practice in the heart of DC and she loves working with women who are experiencing symptoms of imposter syndrome, needs assistance with accomplishing goals, and are demonstrating symptoms of anxiety and symptoms of depression.

Heather wears many hats.

  • She is a Corporate Wellness Trainer who helps all levels of management (day-to-day, HR & Executives) with incorporating wellness into every aspect of their business and to manage the next generation of workers.

  • She is an author teaching people how to create goals to go from dreaming to living a dream.

  • She is a former school counselor who works with teachers to manage the stress that comes from working in education.

  • She is a Mental Health Consultant and Trainer for faith based institutions wanting to incorporate mental wellness into their organization. She will help with developing SOP's, training staff and more!

  • She helps women of all ages work through life's challenges via the Authentically You! workshop.

Click on the links below for a few of the trainings Heather is able to facilitate. Please note: this is not an exhaustive list.


  • Teacher Wellness Initiatives

  • Faith Based Institutions SOP


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